Merging Tourism Markets and destinations ( chosen destination; New Zeeland)

Courwork aim: to undertake an in depth study of an emerging tourism consumer market or destination, whilt contextualizing it within the global tourism marketplace.

1. an overwiew of the chosen case study destination
2. A critical reiew of the current chalenges and potentional opportunities for the chossen case study
3. A detailed analyses of its 2030 future
it is expected to make a use of appropriate theory, evidence data.

on completion of the coursework it is to be expected to be able t: cover the following outcomes for chosen destination:
1. discuss the tourism destination development process in relation to emerging destination
2. Assess the roles played by the main stakeholders in emerging consumer markets, destination development and related growth
3. Critticaly examine the conflicting influences on a destination involved in developing tourism
. Evaluate the global destination patterns, with a reference to tourism market shere, growth and reasons for emergence as a destination
5. Critticaly evaluate an emerging tourism market or destination.

to be able to cover all the points mentioned above you have to look at the different concepts such:
Social cultural drivers, political drivers, eonomic drivers, technological drivers, enviromental drivers, forecasting models, future proofing, lobal trens.

in conclusion you have to come up with the answers of : what wil be the destination of the future, wich markets will emerge of grow in the next twenty years in the chose destination. and finally wich destinations fit ith wich markets and vice versa.

Referencing Requirements:
harward referencing