Merging Trends In Divorce For African American Athletes

Objective: To research a topic of your groupas interest. As we discussed in class you are to: (a) Address your topic from one of three perspectives in terms of emerging trends in causes, treatment, or prevention (e.g., early childhood eating disorders; effects of divorce on US immigrants; use of horses to mitigate the effects of cerebral palsy, etca¦); or (b) Address your topic in an alternate but novel way; and (c) Inform the reader (me) in brief manner on the quality of the literature available on your topic of choice (see a?Summarya? below)

Sections of Your Paper (Note: 10 -12 point font; single spaced; 1 inch margins).

I. Introduction a A? paragraph. This section introduces the topic and why it is of interests intellectually. I am expecting no more than 5-7 sentences.

II. Scope of scientific evidence located a A? paragraph. This section identifies the data bases searched; key words used in your search, roughly the number of articles initially found, and the final number of studies derived for your annotated bibliography. This section also informs the reader (me) of any difficulties if encountered in your search and what were done to overcome them.

III. Summary a to 1 2 paragraphs. This section describes the scope of what you found: trends or patterns of evidence. You should also incorporate reference to both the number of articles found and the references given by your annotated bibliography.

IV. Conclusion a 1 a 2 paragraphs. This section describes a?youra? conclusions such as: addressing whether you found what you were looking for; whether your research question was addressed; any unresolved scientific issue remaining; deficiencies / gaps in the literaturea¦. etc.. Keep in mind that this is a?youra? section to be impressive!!! So talk about what direction the research is leaning, figure out what are being said, in other words interpret the literature.

V. Annotated bibliography a 15-20 articles (I can accept as few as 15 and as many as 25). The web address following can be accessed for further information on the annotated bibliography: required format can be seen in the following example. Essentially I am looking to see a?youra? interpretation of each article in terms of how helpful or where this article was useful in informing and shaping your paper.
What does an annotated bibliography look like?
You write and arrange the bibliographic entries (citations) just as you would any other bibliography. This is usually arranged alphabetically by the first word, which is typically the authoras last name. Your instructor may have their own style that they prefer that you use and there are a number of crib sheets (both on the Internet and in print form) with the popular styles, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, CBE, etc. The annotation may then immediately follow the bibliographic information or may skip one or two lines depending on the style manual that is used. Remember to be brief and include only directly significant information and write in an efficient manner.
Following are two examples of what an APA annotated bibliography may look like.
Keefe, F. J., (1996) Pain in arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders. Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, 2, 279-290. Retrieved September 19, 2006, from Business Source Premier.

I got all the facts about exercising with arthritis and the different types of exercise from this source. The author is very readable and includes a detailed bibliography.

Sewell, W. (1989). Weaving a program: Literate programming in WEB. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Sewell explains the code language within these pages including certain lines of code as examples. One useful idea that Sewell uses is to explain characters and how they work in the programming of a Web Page. He also goes through and describes how to make lists and a title section. This will be very useful because all Web Pages have a title section. This author also introduces Pascal which I am not sure if I will include in my manual but after I read more about it I can decide whether this will be helpful to future users. This book will not be the basis of my manual but will add some key points, which are described above.