Merica and the Pill: A History of Promise, Peril, and Liberation By Elaine Tyler May

Term paper History class
Relate book to cold war era and postwar using the book and other sources.
body 4-4.5 pages

5. Do not spend a large amount of time summarizing. Engage the authoras ideas to show that you know the book.

6. You should instead spend most of your paper analyzing (see PDF files A on BlackBoard on analyzing secondary sources for futher tips. There are 2 PDFs, on of each page. Use the terminology and methodology we have used & discussed in class wherever possible. In doing so you will show how well you read and thought about the book as well as how well you know themes and methodologies we have been using.

7. Paraphrase rather than quote and always cite your source; if it is something from in class just put the date.
8. Endnotes. Use Chicago Style; just do your best to get them in the proper format, as long as you show a solid amount of effort and get all the detail in the endnote that will be adequate. See a style book or SDSUs citation webpage (accessed through the librarys website I believe)

You can also use an additional scholarly book or scholarly article on the same topic with your core book if you like. This paper must be more than a book review. Make an argument about some major aspect of the book, and use various evidence to support it. Make sure that your paper shows that you have read the whole book. (If the book is very long you can talk to me about using just a part.) It should be a study of the topic AND an evaluation of the primary book.
Use the terminology learned and emphasized in class and class readings where possible and where appropriate A in your analysis.

The point is to go beyond class texts, films and lectures, NOT to duplicate them. They are background. Nonetheless, you must engage any closely related ideas which have been brought up in class. A You neednat agree with me, or the texts or films, but you must at least engage the ideas or theories, and say why you accept or reject them.

DO NOT use a separate cover page. Use no more than 4 lines at the top of the paper for your name, class, and Title. But remember, the BODY of your paper must equal 4 4.5 pages of text.
If you print on both sides of the paper or print on the back of paper that has been used on one side, you will get 1% added to your grade. (Remember just to put a light diagonal line through the old text on the last page the reused paper; this indicates it is not to be read. You need only do it on the very last page.)

Do not over-quote in your paper. A You can use an authoras material, and often not need to quote it, but put it in your own words, and cite the original source of the idea. If a short quote is so exceptionally phrased that you feel you must quote it exactly, then use the quote.
Document your paper using CHICAGO style. (See History Dept web page for link to example.)
All papers must document sources down to the page numbers of the source. Web sources, if used, must also be precisely and properly documented. There is a Style manual by Hacker on Course Reserves in the Library to which you can refer.

A note on documentation (endnoting):
Use endnotes instead of footnotes. (Endnotes are the same as footnotes, but just put at the end of the body of the paper before the Bibliography. Word will do it automatically if you choose.)
Endnote thoroughly. Endnote the source for every bit of information except commonly known facts. A 
Better too much documentation than too little at this point. You can put the number for the endnote right after any quoted material, and put a number for any endnote at the end of any paragraph for any other sources you used in that paragraph. A 
The endnote should, of course, include page numbers. See a style manual for details. Also, add a sentence in any endnote for a website showing precisely why you evaluated this source as a reputable scholarly source.