Merica Dream and Reality: The Vietnam War

I have sent and attached all the instructions:
Please if you could use the image mentioned below, the americans evacuation saigon. and please attach it to the file

1. The report, which should be well-structured and clearly argued. You must include a brief cross-cultural comparison, using an image from your own culture as a starting point.
2. Copies of both images.
3. APA bibliography, correctly formatted.
4. Annotated copies of major sources (aside from the Course Anthology).

You need to consider what you want to explore about American identity, and choose an image (photo, painting, brief text) which represents your ideas. Please remember that this is NOT a history essay. It should be a discussion about the American dream/reality contrast, using ideas we discussed in class to support your arguments.
If youre interested in Vietnam, you might want to use the photo of the American evacuation of Saidon at the end of the war. Think about how that conflict represented the American dream on the one hand, and Americas need to acknowledge the limitations of their self-image on the other.