Merica in the 1930s. As a response to the Great Depression, the New Deal was a total failure.Discuss

Please use at leas 6 of the following sources: Colin Gordon, Major Problems in American History, 1920-1940 (ch11 & 13); E Boris & N Lichtenstein, Major Problems in the History of American Workers; E C Hoffman & J Gjerde,eds. Major Problems in American History, (ch 8); Patrick Renshaw, America in the Era of the Two World Wars, 1910-1945; W Leuchtenburg, FDR and the New Deal; D K Adams, Franklin D Roosevelt and the New Deal; R A Devine, America: Past and Present (ch 26), A J Badger, The New Deal; M J Parish, Anxious Decades; E Bartelme & H Rosenbaum, eds. Franklin D Roosevelt; J S Olson, ed. Historical Dictionary of the New Deal; Otis L Graham, Franklin D Roosevelt: His Life and Times; D W Noble, Twentieth Century Limited, (vol 1,ch8 & 9); Hugh Brogan, Longaman History of the United States, (ch22); Alan Brinkley, Unfinished Nation, (8th edition, vol 2, ch 26); Broadus Mitchell, Depression Decade; Jordan Schwarz, The New Dealers; Paul Conkin, The New Deal; James Henretta, Americas History,(ch24).
Could you please also use the Oxford style of referencing, (quotation marks, footnotes with page numbers, year and city of publication)
Please use the introduction to explain what the essay shall address and develop these ideas in the main body of the essay. Use quotes from other authors/critics and intergrate, reflect and engage with them.
Thank you