Merica loves a vigilante. Until we meet one. By:Ann Hornaday

All a?political actorsa? ( the author, the president, voters, parties, non-governmental groups, etc.) and their interests (writing an award-winning column, winning an election, keeping a business alive and profitable, helping people) or policy preferences (tax cuts, health care reform, energy conservation, support for human rights, etc.)

The a?political systemsa? involved and the nature of their involvement (America as a whole, the U.S. Congress, federal regulatory agencies, State Legislatures and agencies, Local councils, U.S. systems, foreign systems, etc.), which ever might apply to the article/column you are considering.
The likely effect of the authorsa proposals or point of view on each actor, and
The ways in which the political actors may be affected by and themselves affect events (at home and abroad).

Have a strong argument!