Merica on the Move, National Transportation (Smithsonian National Museum of American History)

Up to 5 points EXTRA CREDIT toward the semester grade will be given for a scholarly evaluation of any one of the supplemental websites listed on page 2. The website review may be submitted anytime during the semester; however, it must be turned in by the last class period on Monday, May 4, 2014 in order to receive extra credit.

Extra credit should include a cover sheet with studenti??s name and title of the website reviewed. The cover page will be stapled to the essay portion of the review and does not count toward the page length. All text will be 11 or 12 point font, double spaced, with standard margins. All pages should be stapled together.

The 2-to-3-page review will use paragraph format. The review will have an introduction with thesis, body of the paper, and a short concluding paragraph. Be specific! As in the DBQ essays, a scholarly review requires students to examine multiple sources of information (the websitei??s interpretative text and the primary documents). The papers should be clearly written and include the studenti??s own insights.

In the review, students should answer ALL of the following questions:
1. What is the thesis or theme of the website? What time period, person, or larger historical event does the website use as its main idea or focus?
2. Identify the author(s) or publisher(s) of the website. How might their perspectives, assumptions, and biases affect the type of information provided or the way the history is presented on the website?
3. Evaluate the websitei??s navigation and presentation. How easy is it to find your way around the site?
4. Consider what, if anything, the digital medium adds to the historical work being presented. Select a particular page (or tab) on the website. Does the digital format allow you to explore or understand something different or better than what was covered in the textbook?
5. Thumbs up or thumbs down? Would you recommend this website to other students in the study of the Fundamentals of Modern American History? Explain your answer.

and this is the site

America on the Move, National Transportation (Smithsonian National Museum of American