Merica: Past, Present, and Future Paper (American Literature)

No Abstract just Introduction, Essay with headers, Conclusion
Sources must be accessible from the Internet and include URLs (No WikiPedia)

America: Past, Present, and Future Paper (American Literature)

The American Renaissance was intensely aware of the past. At the same time, it was intensely aware of the forces of change. It was a period of great industrialization that would end with the Civil War. Using Nathaniel

Hawthorne write a 5 page paper analyzing how the tension between past, present, and future emerges in his work. You should support all claims with examples from the writers work.

You may focus your analysis as tightly or broadly as you choose and on any topic that emerges in your analysis of the selected author. For example, you may write on any of the following topics:

How memory works in this writers works
How past crimes or sins, or the crimes or sins of a past generation, influence the present
How individual characters or authors rebel against established practices
How science is put in opposition to religion
How the past is discussed, and how the future is discussed
How archaic dialect or vocabulary is used
How ruins or ancient historical sites are treated and what effect they have on the present
How change happens
What the author seems to indicate will abide and what will change
How nature is treated as unchanging (while human society is shaped by fads)
How ideals of America held by colonists or the Founding Fathers are treated in literature from this period