Mericaas Higher Education Facing Crisis.

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Although our higher educational system has often been touted as the best in the world, more and more analysts and scholars have increasingly lamented that something seems to be wrong in how the system functions, is funded, and performs its mission.

For your fourth essay in this class, you will investigate American high education (colleges and universities) to determine one of the reputed Problemswith it. You will not be able to properly analyze all the issues people have reported, so it will be incumbent on you to do a little reading and find some particular issue that intrigues you the most that you will inquire further into.

That means that when you read a sentence you have written, you CHALLENGE YOURSELF by thinking the following:

Is this an exaggeration that will put the reader off?
Is this my opinion that just doesnt seem right?
Is this something that needs to be backed up with a source?