Merican Adolescent independence and autonomy

you will be examining the life of an American Adolescent. More specifically, you will be exploring an issue that adolescents deal with on a regular basis Independence and autonomy”

(1)Choose one topic to focus on Independence and autonomy”
(2)Describe each the topic: what it is (defines, why it is important); when it appears or develops, who experiences it (gender, ethnicity, SES); its major characteristics;
(3)Find five important facts (or research findings) about the topic that help you illustrate the complexities of how the topic impacts adolescent development;
(4)Provide five real world examples or illustrations of the topic. This can be done via:
(a)nterviews with adolescents (use anonymous quotes)
(b)movie or TV show clips
(c)song lyrics
(d)pictures from pop culture
(f)quotes from novels
(g)newspaper or magazine article quotes
(h)cartoons or comic strips
(i) any other source that you feel is relevant
(5)Conclude with a statement of how to help adolescents experience this topic as successfully as possible.
(6)Provide a list of references for every thing you cited (Steinberg, interviews, movie clips, poems, song lyrics, etc.