Merican Architecture in the Gilded Age”

Use as many sources as necessary.
In reference to The Devil in the White Cityby Erik Larson
The assignment from instructor:
American architecture in the  Gilded Age : Olmstead, Burnham, and the Public Arena. When he presented the plan for Central Park ( Greensward ), F.L.Olmstead said he wanted to create a  rus in urbe . It was to be a place not only for recreation but a site as well for re-making tortured souls. (i.e. newly arrived European immigrants) into model citizens. D.H. Burnham also hoped that the  White City had transformative characteristics but discounted the Midway in his efforts to extract from fair visitors those aspects which represent  the best in men and women . Using the selected images (and others you want to consider) as reference points, write an essay about these two landscapes, the Central Park and the Columbian International Exposition, in which you discuss how both reflect the two men s thinking regarding the public sphere and why both spaces are considered landmarks in American Architectural History.

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