Merican Child Rearing Practices and the Ederly

Each question needs to be answered with a 100 word minimum response:

1.) Child-rearing practices vary across the United States. Some parents still believe the old adages Children should be seen and not heard,and Spare the rod, spoil the child. Other parents resemble the stereotypical Soccer moms,running their children from one activity to another in hopes of nurturing them and exposing them to a wide variety of Healthyactivities. This may be linked to the Dependent-dominantpersonality type discussed in the text.

What do you think? Are child-rearing practices in the U.S. changing? If so, in response to what? How might these changes be adaptive? What are some of the positives and negatives of our child-rearing practices?

2.) Do you agree that in American society we do not value the elderly, and that we isolate them from the younger generations and socially marginalize them? And if so, how might an anthropologist describe this practice as culturally adaptive?