Merican Civil Rights Movement (1955-1968)

You can choose a topic not listed or base it on a comparison of two of the above only after receiving written approval from the coordinator, Dr Frances Di Lauro.

Your final project will be situated in one of the three Branches of Rhetoric (Deliberative / Epideictic / Forensic) and will take one of the following forms:

a?an annotated, referenced speech script
a?a written and presented persuasive report
a?a written and presented persuasive essay, or
a?a written and presented hypothetical legal argument.

You will begin to investigate topics in seminars and develop your plan in your research journal.

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Hello there, I uploaded two sample paper of studentswork. You can follow the sample structure. Please keep in mind the topic is American civil rights movement from (1955-1968). Please let me know if you need further assistance. The lecture notes I also uploaded as well. Good luck!