Merican college studnt in Higher education

By using these Book and power point Answerers these Questions

Evans, N. J., Forney, D. S., & Guido, F., Patten, L., & Renn, K. (2010). Student development theory in college: Theory, research, and practice. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Buckingham, M., & Clifton, D.O. (2001). Now, Discover Your Strengths. New York: The Free Press.

Strange, C., & Banning, J. (2001). Educating by design: Creating campus leaning environments that work. San Francisco: Jossey Bass.

Kuh, G. (2008). High Impact Educational Practices: What they are, who has access to them, and why they matter. Washington DC: AACU.
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A- You have been charged by the provost of a large institution to serve on the team that determines the Universityas next 10 year master building plan. As A student development professional , you have been asked to provide a comprehensive report to the committee that includes your recommendations for various environmental components that should be considered in order for the plan to most effectively facility student success. You report must include the rational you are using for recommendations. What do you report on and why? How do you convince the committee to move forward with your recommendations? Support your answer with examples and with both material form the course as well as empirical literature.

B- Using course material and presentation, describe how you would create a program or system that ensures every student at a large, public, open access institution would experience at least 2 of kuhas High Impact Education. Why is this important? How do you ensure all students experience at least 2? Support your answer with examples and material from the course as well as well as new empirical literature.

C- You are asked with implementing a campus-wide program using strengths finder and Quest with all students as they enter and matriculate in the institution. You must design a program that introduce strength-based theory and helps student ,faculty and staff use strengthsbased approach as well as the strengths finder tool for the following:
*effective transition in the first year of college
*leadership development
*career development a exploration and later placement
*First year experience and sophomore experience programs
*capstone programs (e.g. senior year)

How would you approach this project? What theories and research would you use to make the case of the importance of strengths a based approach?
Outline the components of your project, the development and implementation timeline, audiences and proposed impact. Use at least two of the five main areas. Support your answer with examples and with both material from the course as well as empirical literature.