Merican Contracting with the Federal Government

You are an associate in a consulting firm. A group of investors want to invest in minority firms that contract with the federal government. You are to provide background information and data related to African American contracting with the federal government. The study period is 2000 to the present.

OUTLINE: you must cover the topics in the following outline and break the paper into five categories below:

” Executive summary (summary of key findings)
” Law and regulation of minority contracting with federal government
” 8(a) program
” SDB program
” Other
” Background facts on federal government contracting
” Size of federal contracting market
” Share of black firms in government contracting market
” Distribution of black firms in government contracting by sector (e.g., construction, professional services, computer services, etc.)
” Large black firms that have grown out of federal government contracting
” You must have at least the three Excel tables. Simply copying tables from publications or downloading from the internet is not acceptable. The tables should be created by combining data from different sources and creating bar graphs, pie charts, etc. from that data
” You must make an argument, dont simply supply descriptive material without linking the facts, data to an argument
” Do not just write the history of one significant company, or individual. Company experience can illustrate an industry, but in general company experience does not summarize an industry.

” You must have footnotes and a reference page. However, I am not particular about footnote formatting or reference page. (Eagan, 1997) is acceptable for footnotes. Name. publication and date is acceptable for references.

” You must have an executive summary. The executive summary is not an introduction or the first few pages of text. The executive summary should be a one-page summary at the beginning of the paper that highlights key facts and findings. The executive summary may be in bullet form.