Merican Corporations that has outsourced jobs

What instructor put out:
standard five para essay. You will want to focus on solid structure/thesis as well as proper MLA format and cites and Works Cited.

To complete this essay you will need to find at least THREE fact sources.


American Corporations that has outsourced jobs through office Tigers and then write an essay in which you report what you have learned about the firm. Consider its nature, size, and power as well as how it presents itself to both stockholders and the general public.

Page 3:

1. What was your purpose? What effect were you trying to achieve?

2. What was interesting about the process you went through in writing this paper, and what did you learn from it?

3. What was the most difficult aspect about this paper, and what did you learn from the attempt?

4. What do you see as the strengths of the paper, and what would you try to do if you were to revise it some more?

5. What s not a part of your paper that you think might help a reader understand or appreciate it more? What didn t you put in it?

6. What kind of feed back or response would you like from your instructor?

7. Are your memo and essay in correct MLA format? Are you free from contraption? Have you spelled out numbers ten and under? Are you in the correct person? Never ever in second person, YOU?