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Analyze an emotion in Toni Morrisonas novel, The Bluest Eye. You should name
the emotion, identify what it is you are analyzing, and demonstrate your point. You can
use the term a?emotiona? broadly, naming any particular sensation. You should choose how
you focus your attention; for instance, the emotion can be of a particular character, from a
recurring image or of a passage.
Please note the following. You should not try to summarize the novel. You should
not try to summarize the emotion. That is, you should not try to say every possible thing
about the novel or emotion. You also do not have to write about something that seems
a?most significanta? to the novel or emotion; you can write about side characters,
seemingly insignificant passages or seemingly irrelevant aspects of an emotion.
You should assert one analytical point about one aspect of the emotion as it is
found in a passage, an image, or a character. If you want to compare or contrast two
emotions, you must consult with me first; and, when you do so, I will expect you to have
an analytical reason that makes the comparison necessary. While I want you to be wary
of comparisons, you can discuss the aspect of your emotion in terms of an interplay
between two sentiments a but be careful not to over generalize because this may distract
or weaken your thesis, which needs to be narrowly focused critical analysis.