Merican Drama: (as in right at the moment) The era of dramedy

Minimum of 5 sources. No plagiarism please since hes very strict.

Please write about how dramedy genre(comedy plus drama) is becoming more and more popular in American drama. Its a research paper so you can talk a little about the early version of this genre such as mentioning Shakespeare and his drama+comedy works. And talk how it evolves from there. You can talk about broadway plays or tv series or anything related to American drama. Then you can talk about any popular shows today like desperate housewives, greys anatomy, gossip girl, brothers and sisters, etc (shows that are categorized as drama but have a lot of comic relief) and how these shows are so popular that they create a new trend of American tv shows. The following paragraphs are the feedbacks Ive got from my professor so please use and integrate all of them in the research paper

#1. A Actually, the genre of Dramedyhas been around for a long time. A Many of William Shakespeares plays are a mix of the comic and the serious: A  As You Like It, Measure for Measure, Winters Tale, Loves Labors Lost, Trolius and Cressida, Timon of Athens, etc.

In terms of recent theatre, Martin McDonagh is consistently the most successful in this genre. A McDonagh is Irish, and this is a course in American Theatre. A So, Id suggest looking at:

Tracy Letts August: A Osage County A (the play I dropped from our syllabus; Pulitzer Prize winner for 2009). A 
D.L. Coburns The Gin Game
Neil Simons Lost in Yonkers
Beth Henleys Crimes of the Heart
Douglas Carter Beanes The Little Dog Laughed
Craig Lucas Reckless

So you could look at this genre in American television and how it compares / contrasts to its genre partners in American drama. A You could certainly speculate why this particular genre is enjoying such popularity now. A Part of it is the Copy cat syndrome-Hollywood will always replicate a show or movie form that is successful, hoping that lighting will indeed strike box office gold twice, three times, four times, forever, etc. A 

There is no need to use a lot of smart words. Hes only looking at the flow and the content of this paper. Let me remind again thats hes very serious about plagiarism so I will be proofreading this also before i turn it in. Please make sure all the works are cited correctly and no use of direct sentences or quotes (no more than 20%) without being properly cited.

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