Merican Economic History Book Assignments

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Added on 06.04.2015 23:12
This is the book review assignment from my American economic history class which is my Economic capstone course.

It requires u to write an 1800-2200 word book review of the book American railroads: Decline and Renaissance in the twentieth century.Written by Gallamore, Robert E., and John R. Meyer, publishes by Harvard University Press, 2014.

I can only find the kindle version eBook on for this book, which means you need to buy the kindle version eBook on Amazon for this book. But doni??t worry, I will pay for it, just send me the payment link.

I uploaded the instruction file which called American Economic History Book Review Assignment”. And I also uploaded three book review samples as your reference. I also uploaded a picture called Book namewhich is the name of the book.

Please read the book and instruction carefully before u start writing.

If u need anything or have anything question, please let me know ASAP.

Thank you.