Merican Empire, Oil and Global domination (The American Empire Project)

American Empire and Oil power
In an attempt to understand the 2003 attack against Iraq, we have failed many steps to succeed it since our perspective doesn t rely on the historical perspective e which propose a view that the U.S. Invasion against Iraq is a step toward global dominance of American Empire. The paper should be designed to understand the event (War on Terror) using the historical perspective. The rivaling explanation seem to belong to Samuel P. Huntington who view the war as a clash of civilization. The paper discredit the explanation and refute that terrorist happen as a discontent of globalization and American Empire overstretch. In this paper, we will trace the history of US intervention against Iraq and the devastating consequences for the people and the region. It shows the ways in which war today is a continuation of that history, but also a radical leap to more direct military control in Iraq and around the world. The  Bush Doctrine is both built on our imperial history and yet new and far more dangerous. Finally the paper disclose the hidden explanation which is behind the invasion by arguing that The worlds rapidly growing economy is dependent on oil, the supply is running out and the U.S. and other great powers are engaged in an escalating game of brinkmanship to secure its continued free flow. Obviously, The U.S.s energy behavior dominated by four key trends: An increasing need for imported oil; a pronounced shift toward unstable and unfriendly suppliers in dangerous parts of the world; a greater risk of anti-American or civil violence; and increased competition for what will likely be a diminishing supply pool. Consequent it can be said that oil is essential for the U.S. to succeed global domination and behind reasons of U.S. waged war on terrorism.

I have to work this project with my group worker. I take responsibility for the first two chapters. (See below)(Introduction and Historical perspective) So you just write only the first two chapter of the overall paper only. However, the third chapter and four chapter need to be correlated with the first two chapters and thus I have to tell you what they are all about in order to write the first two chapter as a key to understand the third and the fourth one.

Here is overall outline
Chapter one  Introduction*
Chapter two  Historical perspective: Global Hegemony, Power and Oil *
Chapter three  History of U.S. involvement in Middle: A thorough untold story of Oil and U.S. Foreign policy
Chapter four  Bush Doctrine and War on Terrorism
Chapter five --Conclusion

*We are going to work only the first two chapters

What I need in each part

Chapter one: Introduction (5-7 pages long)
Exposes the true U.S. agenda: war on Iraq is part of plan for U.S. global domination, monopolizing world energy sources, and restructuring the Middle East.
Dissects Bush Administration arguments - weapons of mass destruction, the al-Qaeda connection, violations of UN resolutions -as pretexts for pre-planned agenda.
Attack Clash of civilization

Chapter Two: Historical perspective: Global Hegemony, Power and Oil (15-17 pages)

In this chapter, we will deal with theoretical substance. I propose you use the theory of hegemony of Robert Cox and Susan Strange to explain. You can talk about American thinking by linking it with Machiavellian and Hobbes s view also. Expose American Imperial Strategy which begin from the past. We have to define the concept of American Empire and our historical perspective. We won t go into the deep detail about the history because it s in the chapter 3 which is not my job to work. Besides, we need to talk about oil. Why oil is essential for the empire to retain its order? This chapter must use international political economy paradigm. Lastly, at the end you have to justify historical perspective in order to encourage reader to go on to the third chapter.

Reference (will be faxed to you)

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You can find more to add more detail anyway
Other Requirement
- Turabian with footnotes (Cite in correct style)
Anne Russon and others, eds., Reaching Into Thought: The Minds of the Great Apes (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1996), 134.
William Strunk and E. B. White, The Elements of Style (New York: Macmillan, 1972), 27.
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- SUBTOPIC and TOPICS are required in order to follow the detail clearly.
- Cogent, Coherent and solid essays.
- Paraphrase the tough sentences into easier ones.
- Due Date 31/12/05 (I give you one more day because all sources will be able to be downloaded next day after placing order)