Merican Foreign policy, Isolationism VS interventionism, or internationalism.

I need a critical thinking Essay answering the following question. I would like there to be about 4 sources supporting your arguement. Please use this Reference as one of your sources.AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY AND PROCESS”, (5TH Edition) by James M McCormick, Thomson Wadsworth, ISBN: 0-495-50115-8 Thanks again for the help.

Prior to World War II, America followed George Washingtonas advice to stay out of
foreign affairs. Only after World War II did the United States become deeply involved in foreign affairs. It has been argued that this a?policemana? attitude has cost this country over 100,000 military killed, e.g. Korea, Vietnam, etc., with little to show for it. American foreign involvement has now earned America the enmity of fundamentalist Islam. Should this country have defied George Washingtonas warnings in the first place and would it be wise if America gradually returned to an isolationist, non-interventionist foreign policy position.

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