Merican Foriegn Relations 1964-1968 China

I have to have a paper written about the 1964-1968 American Foriegn Relations with China. I have to have the material be taken from the United States Foreign Relations volume XXX. I am a History major and footnotes on this paper are required. I was told to incorporate the issues with Tawian and United States and the United States reason to be pulled into the Vietnam war. I am competely stuck and you guys was given to me by a classmate. I have never used a serivce like this. My teacher is submiting to turn it in.
* what is American policy regarding this region at this time?
*What major events are taking place?
*Who are the major players?
*Are there any major changes in policy from the begging til the end of the volume? Explain.
Secondary source is required and must be cited in footnotes along with FRUS document.