Merican Furies: Crime, Punishment, and Vengeance in the Age of Mass Imprisonment.

Paper Assignment Criminal Justice CJ 1020 SFC Spring 2011
Read Abramsky, S. (2008). American Furies: Crime, Punishment, and Vengeance in the Age of Mass Imprisonment. Boston: Beacon Press.
Iave provided a reading guide belowa itas best you donat wait until the last few days of the semester to read the book, as it is relevant to much of what we talk about throughout the course.
In your paper, you should address the following points:

a? Describe the rate of incarceration in the United States as compared to the rest of the world.
a? Why does the United States lead other industrialized nations in mass imprisonment?
a? What are the cultural implications of our use of mass imprisonment in the United States? For example, what is the effect of mass imprisonment on local communities? What is the significance of race and gender in the criminal justice system?
a? Describe some of the conditions of confinement and ways in which prisoners are treated. What does the way in which we treat prisoners in the United States tell us about our society?

You should include at least four academic sources for your paper approved by me. These sources should include academic journals or books. You should have the sources submitted (via Angel) to me for approval by MAR 21.

Your paper should be written in APA style. Hereas a link for more information: Hacker-Mira-APA.pdf

Be sure to use appropriate citations within the text of your paper and include a reference page. Your paper should be 6-8 pages (not counting title page and reference page), double-spaced, average font (eg. 12-point font), and about 1a? margins.

Be careful not to plagiarize your paper. Plagiarism will result in a failing grade. Hereas a link with more information: plagiarism.htm

The due date is listed on the syllabus. Late papers will be accepted with a penalty of one letter grade per class day it is late. I will not accept any papers that extend one week beyond the due date. On the due date, be sure to submit your paper to

Reading Guide:
Week 1 a Introduction
Week 2 a Ch 1
Week 3 a Ch 2
Week 4 a Ch 3
Week 5 a Ch 4
Week 6 a Ch 5
Week 7 a Ch 6
Week 8 a Ch 7
Week 9 a Ch 8
Week 10 a Ch 9
Week 11 a Conclusion