Merican Government and Politics Ronald Reagan

This essay is for an American Government and Politicsclass. The essay is based on the book A Different Drummer: My Thirty Years with Ronald Reaganby Michael K. Deaver. The instructions from the syllabus are included below. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or anything else you need, thank you!

Instructions from syllabus:

Paper Assignment for American Government and Politics:

Every student in class is expected to write one paper. This is your work. More than any exam, this shall be a manifestation of yourself. It will be something you produce! So, put some heart and soul into it. Make it something of which you can be proud. Make certain that your paper reflects your reading of the sources. Your paper should contain mostly ideas of the authors you have read, not your own, and should be attributed to them.

Minimum requirements: The paper must be typed. It should be six to ten pages in length. It must be written in size 11 and submitted at 1.5 spaces. Any attempt to stretch a paper by selecting other specifications shall be duly noted and your grade shall be adjusted downward. A paper written at the last minute will reflect that fact. I will not be fooled. Do not use encyclopedia or textbooks as sources. Do not submit a paper written in a voice other than your own. You will be caught as others have been. They have regretted their unfortunate decision to plagiarize! Do not submit a late paper. Grades will similarly be negatively adjusted because of lateness. Excuses, even good ones, will be listened to, noted and your grade will still likely suffer. Good luck. Put your heart into it. You shall not regret it!

Directions: First, read the book in its entirety. Next, give me a paper that tells me: What are the main arguments that the author makes? What ideas, issues and historical figures that we specifically discuss in our class does the author discuss? How does the author illuminate these issues, ideas and historical figures? In what way does this book contribute to your knowledge of civil society in America?

Finally, rate the book from 1-10. I work hard to give my students books that are not a drag to read. Your rating can help me to recommend good books and weed out losers. Did you enjoy the book? Was it well-written, lively, and enjoyable to read? Did you learn as much as you had hope you might? Your rating will not effect the grade you receive. Put it on your title page in the upper right hand corner.

Tips on how to write a history paper at the college level:

1. Dont write a high school paper. A high school paper summarizes the book for the bulk of the paper and then answers questions in the last page or so.

2. Write a college-level paper. A college-level history paper answers some burning question or questions in your mind about the book throughout the paper. The paper is about these answers youve come up with to these questions. Perhaps youve heard this called the thesis.

3. Use quotes. But do not use quotes just to use them. Use them to further your argument. Tell me why you are using a quote. Quote. And then ramble on for a while about the quote.

4. Use your quotes to do a close reading. What is that? It is what we frequently do in class. Look at your quote and dissect it. Squeeze it for information. Make it yield up every drop of juice it can. Only then should you move on.

5. Dare to fall in love with your book. I go out of my way to choose interesting, thought-provoking, controversial, well-written books. I am constantly reading book reviews in search of the most hotly-debated books in the history community and sometimes even among the presidents of nations. Now, its your turn. Spend time with your book. Get to know your author and his or her thoughts. Enjoy the experience.
6. Buy your book early. That way, when the spirit moves you, you can begin to read.

7. If you cant decide on a book, discuss it with me. Lets figure out what you want in a book. Then, maybe I can help move you in the right direction.

8. Go to the library. See what other authors have to say about the same subject. Then, quote those other authors. Or quote authors weve read in class.

9. Make certain that youve read the entire book and that that comes through in your paper.

10. Put the book into the context of the course. Discuss the ideas in the book that we also discuss in class. Make your paper a part of our colloquy.

11. Do not pull anything from the Internet. Internet sources are notoriously suspect.

12. Use the Writing Center. They are there to help you to improve your paper and your writing skills.