Merican Government Papera Issue Networks

American Government Papera Issue Networks
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Any changes to these directions made after initial publication will be highlighted in yellow.
For this assignment, you are to provide a brief sample of a small part of one specific issue networkattempting to shape government policy in American Politics today. You should start this assignment by picking a single issue area to examine, and it should be fairly specific. For instance, trying to outline the issue network of a?Educationa? would be very difficult because of how many actors are involved in such a broad area of policy. Picking a suitable topic is critical to this paper, and contacting the professor about a topic choice is highly recommended.
From there, you need to research the issue network surrounding this issue. The following information is required for your chosen issue network:
a? Paragraph 1: Topic Overview a A? Page Minimum
o For this opening paragraph, you want to briefly explain your policy area as it stands in 2013.
o You should identify what governmental body (the President, Congress, the Bureaucracy, the public at large, etc), the issue network tries to influence.
a? Paragraph 2: Side Aa A? Page Minimum
o In this paragraph, you want to choose two (2)members of the issue network who are attempting to influence the policy area you described in the previous paragraph. Typically, these will be interest groups.
o You want to briefly explain each issue network memberas position in approximately 2-3 sentences (therefore, this paragraph should be approximately 4-6 sentences long).
o It is important to show some form of clear difference between the two actors in this paragraph.
a? Paragraph 3: Side Ba A? Page Minimum
o In this paragraph, you want to discuss two (2) members of the issue network who are adversaries of the groups described in the previous paragraph.
o You want to briefly explain each issue network memberas position on this issue in approximately 2-3 sentences(therefore, this paragraph also should be approximately 4-6 sentences long).
o Again, you must find two issue network members for this paragraph, and you must show that there is a difference between the two groups you selected.
a? Additional Criteria:
o At least oneissue network member cannot be an interest group.
Research Requirements
This paper should be well researched and documented. You want to use specific factsand evidence in order to really demonstrate your knowledge of your issue. Additionally, one of the goals articulated by the university is to make students more skilled in conducting research.
1. You are required to find at least four (4) sources for this paper.
2. You are required to find at least one (1) print source for this paper. Print resources are far more reliable than web-based sources. These include newspapers, magazines, scholarly journal articles, or books.
3. No sources may be under the direct control of anymembers of the issue network you discuss.
4. All sources must be cited using either MLA or APA format. Every citation in your paper must give the authoras last name and the page number of the citation when appropriate. Therefore, in-text citations should appear as follows:

a?It should be a priority for future military planners to identify a middle ground between the need to use overwhelming military power to end wars quickly and the need for defeated enemies to save facea? (Housenick 96).

You will also need to provide the corresponding bibliographic information, listed in alphabetical order, in the a?Works Citeda? section at the end of your paper. This works cited section does not count towards the length of your paper. These entries should appear as follows:

Housenick, Christopher E. a?Winning Battles but Losing Wars: Three Ways Success in Combat Promote Failures in Peace.a? Military Review 88 (2008): 91 a 98.

5. You cannot cite your textbook or lecture notesfor this paper.
6. Below is the Research a?DO NOTa List, along with the associated penalties:
a. Doing no research will automatically result in you receiving a zero for this entire paper.
b. Turning in a paper with no in-text citations is plagiarism, and will result in a zero for this entire paper.
c. Turning in a paper with no in-text citations but having a works cited is stillplagiarism, and will result in a zero for this entire paper.
d. Using only websites or other purely-internet sources for this paper will result in you receiving a zero for the research grade of this assignment.
e. If you use footnotes, endnotes, or any other reference style that is not MLA or APA format with parenthetical, in-text citations to document your sources of information, you will receive a zero for the research grade of this assignment.
f. If you use any form of encyclopedia (electronic, print, or otherwise, including,,, Wikipedia, etc.) as sources, you will receiving a zero for the research grade of this assignment
General Format Requirements
a? Papers must be typed using 12 point fonts and double-spaced.

a? Do not include a heading on the first page of your paper. Since this paper is being submitted electronically, a heading is pointless. The first line of the paper should be your title, and the second line of the paper should begin your introduction.

a? Your paper must have a title. This lets the reader know what the paper is about, so even if it is boring and unimaginative, you need to have a title.

a? You must use page numbers.The preferred method is to put your last name and the page number in the upper right hand corner of the paperas page headers starting on the second page; however any reasonable method will suffice.

a? Short papers will face additional penalties.You can write a paper longer than the two pages explained here, but short papers are often poor efforts. You should adjust your expectations for a grade down in accordance with the length of the assignment you turn in.
Additional Information
a? Turn your paper in on time. Tardiness is unacceptable, and penalties are severe for late assignments. Once the day the paper is due ends, you immediately lose one point. Students will then lose additional point at the rate of one point per 24 hours after the deadline. Therefore, if the paper is a full 24 hours late, the student will lose 2 points; 48 hours, 3 points, and so on.Extensions are only given on a truly emergency basis.

a? Do not email me your papers. All papers must be submitted by you via Blackboard.

a? Make sure the paper you submit is your best possible work.In many professions, authors of reports and memorandums only get one chance to prepare their documents; we will follow this approach. My policy is that the first paper you submit is the only version I will grade. I do not allow revisions after papers are returned, so do your best work for the first and only submission.

a? Be conscious of statistics. People often use statistics to help support their arguments. Be conscious and analytical a statistics can be misleading. You should consider as many ways of interpreting statistics as possible.

a? Certain words should be completely avoided. There are certain words that should be avoided in academic writing. They often convey a meaning that you do not intend; some of these words are:
o Always / Forever / Eternally (Nothing is eternal in politics; try a?Almost alwaysa? instead)
o Obviously (99.9% of the time, when a student writes this word, they omit something important or critical. Nothing is ever obvious; make your case.)
o Proof / Prove (These are mathematical ideas, and completely inappropriate for social science usage. Try a?provide evidence fora¦a?)

a? Do not use contractions. The use of contractions (such as canat for cannot, wonat for will not) is inappropriate for formal writing, unless they are in a direct quotation.