Merican Government poli science 10 exam question

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she wants very good analytical analysis. our book is American Government power and purpose thirteen edition Lowi Ginsdberg and Shepsle Ansolabehere

this is an exam question
I put 4 as the number of sources but there wasnt a set amount she wants the films listed in the instructions to be used as you read you will understand. and of course the book.

this question has several parts and each must be answered thoroughly. if you use a quote from the text or any other source you must appropriately recognize the source. as stated in class, if you choose to handwrite the exam, you must use a bluebook, and must write legibly. if I cannot read it, you will not get credit.

the exam question is as follows:

the united states government is a complex system. the colonist fought a revolutionary war, and formed a new nation. please discuss the reasoning behind the revolutionary war. then discuss the original intent of the framers of the constitution and the thinking around the bill of rights. make sure that you discuss the 10 amendments that make up the bill of rights in this section of the exam, and tell me how they line up, or do not line up with the reasoning behind the revolutionary war.

next think about the US government and forms of government that are outlined in your text. discuss which forms closely resemble the US government and why. compare and contrast your own thoughts with the commonly held view that we are indeed a democracy.

next compare and contrast your thoughts related to the two questions above with first the Robert Reich film, and his thoughts on industry and military and their impact on 99% and then parts A and B of the Oliver Stone Film.

conclude your paper with a thoughtful summary of your analysis and final thoughts.