Merican Government Public policy in domiestic and forign relations settings.

I need to write a paper about gun rights and the second Amendment to the US Constitution.

Conduct scholarly research using verifiable sources and points will be deducted if you cite Wikipedia in your paper.
Use polling data to track public opinion on this issue and to support your research.

* the issue background:
Why did you pick this policy or issue?
What events led to this issue becoming a major discussion point in the recent election cycle?
What is the frame? How long did it take for the issue to come before the public?

* issue analysis:
Is this a new issue of importance to American public and the world or something that has been in discussion for years?
Are the President and Congress in serious discussion about this issue or are they just putting out (Talking points) to the media? when you review current discussion, who do you feel addressed the problem more clearly?
if you used polling data, did your polling data support your analysis on this issue?

* Summary/ Conclusion:
Your opinion on the issue and the results of the polling data. Did you see areas where media coverage impacted public opinion? What, if any, impact did your research reveal, as to the impact of the discussion between the president and Congress, or the President and world leaders? After conducting your research and preparing this paper, has your opinion changed on Americans stand on the issue? if so, explain the change.