Merican Government Race & Gender: Are Americans Ready for a Black President?

You can also look at the website: or questions about your material in a precise, concise, logical, persuasive, effective, intelligent manner

7. All research papers must make use of, at least, five resources -these resources could be textbooks, journaals, Internet, etc. Your citation and writing format could be APA (American Psychological Association) Writing Format or MLA (Modern Language Association) Writing Format only. Please see How to Cite your source of information using APA Writing Format or MLA Citation Format (See MLA Handbook) or even Chicago Manual Style of Citation. (See also: Research-Rule How to Cite Internet Sources)

I will be grading your paper on the basis of your progress in this course; on the basis of your (i) analytical skills; (ii.) the degree of your knowledge acquisition, and on the basis of your (iii.) practical application of political science theories, doctrines, principles and concepts, to your own lives, and modern American society.