Merican government should raise the minimum wage

ENG 1610 Argumentative Paper Assignment Sheet
Length: 4 pages (double spaced), not including title page or References page.
Formatting: APA documentation style and formatting. Information on how to do this is available at a
number of web sites; a good one is magazine articles to introduce
your topic or related background. Make sure that you select the most credible and academic
sources in order to make your writing as convincing and informative as possible.
i?? No Wikipedia,,, Baidu, or any similar source.
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The reason why I ordered for 3 pages is because that I have completed almost 2 pages( one and a half) by myself and I hope you can help me to write 3 pages more and revise the one that I wrote by myself. Besides that, I have an outline that can give you some ideas quickly, but you can change it of course.