Merican historic event or topic that is relevant to your class Hist1301 (history 1)American Events Before 1877

What happened if your topic was an event (basic facts)?
What is your topic about (if you chose say a topic like the Articles of Confederation)?
What aspect of the topic are you discussing?
Was this event or topic important to US History? Why or why not?
What interests you about this topic?
Why did you choose this topic to research? This is where I get to see your opinion.
What did you use for sources when researching this paper?
At the end of your paper, what do you think of the topic now?
Text must be 3-5pages long in 12 pt. font you must have in-text/parenthetical citationS
Include a Bibliography page: (also in 12 pt. font with the word Bibliography at the top underlined and centered)
3 print sources minimum (5 print sources max) in Chicago Style Citation format.
Typed and Double spaced with page numbers
12 pt. Times New Roman (font type)

Types of sources include things like books, magazine articles, journal articles, newspaper articles, and court records to name a few. NO ELECTRONIC SOURCE.