Merican History and Society Through Music

The goal of this assignment is to relate music and a significant idea from another field. The topic (of your choosing) will concern a significant American issue or event that combines music and politics, music and economics, music and religion, or music and a social initiative from any time period in our history.

Five pages in length, double-spaced, bibliography on page 6, with text sources credited by Authoras last name and page numbers. Have at least 3 sources.

Term Paper no-noas for this class
Do not under any circumstances submit the following as your project:
Only American artists
The meaning of the lyrics to a?American Piea? by Don McClean.
A medley of short bios of pop stars.
The story of the death of Tupac and/or the saga of Suge Knight.
Peer to peer file sharing and impact to music industry

Topics are, however, otherwise limitless and not restricted to the following that I
reluctantly list as inspiration only!
-Musicians as activists-i.e. Paul Robeson (Classical), Marc Blitzstein (opera), Woody
Guthrie (country) Marian Anderson and the DAR(Classical), Almanac Singers
-How is capitalism applied to pop music? Explore the realities of achieving mass appeal!
-Important pol. events that used music, ie: March on Washington 1963
-Compare and contrast the appeal of a a?pop idola? of two eras ie: Mae West & ?
-War and a popular song-pick a war, pick a song and tell why
-Music and propaganda (in global conflict or maybe advertising)
-Trace the a?lifea? of a popular song as it moves from a?an initial political or social contexta? to selling stuff on tv. Imagine?, Rev #9? ,
-Musicians and how society has shaped them, good or bad. i.e. Smotheras Brothers and tv., Marian Anderson (Opera singer vs DAR), John Coltrane or Miles Davis or Charles
Mingus (jazz), composer Abel Meerapol, Billie Holiday and a?Strange fruita?, Gil Scott
Heron a?The Rev will not be televiseda?.
-Opportunities that music has created for minorities in any period of US History.
-Broadway: West Side Story, La Cage, Rent, South Pacific
-Music and Religion
-Wizard of Oz-Frank Baum & Populism

Three steps to a well organized paper:
State your thesis (topic) clearly in the first sentence
Support your view with source material.
Use the conclusion to emphasize your topicas key points.