Merican History and The Seperation of Church and State

Considers the controversial issue announced by the professor in the initial threads for conferencing (note the initial discussion topic on the Course Schedule).
Identifies at least four examples of primary sources (i.e., letters, diaries, publications) related to the issue; see Michael Johnson, Reading the American Past for examples.
Constructs a thesis statement based upon the examples.
Please write a Scholorship Paper using the General Topic of The Seperation of Church and State”. Four references are neccessary. Give overview and give specific examples of major events surrounding the topic, to include how they got us where we are today. Also abide by the following criteria:

Consults a number of additional secondary sources that help to develop a thesis; see Alan Brinkley, American History for suggestions.

Incorporates an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Organizes paragraphs with approximately eight sentences developing a single topic.

Elaborates major points with a degree of specificity.

Clarifies premises using coherent diction.

Avoids spelling errors, awkward language, improper grammar, flawed punctuation, and other technical mistakes.

Includes at least four pages of full typed text circumscribed by one inch margins, making each double spaced page approximately 250 words and 25-27 lines with a standard type 12 point font.
Uses a documentation style guide consistently and correctly; see the Chicago Style (University of Wisconsin) for examples.

Adds a bibliography.