Merican History ( book analysis) -URGENT less than 12 hours.

Paper AssignmentHist 111

Write an analytical review of David Hackett Fischers Paul Reveres Ride.

Writing an analytical review: an analytical (or critical) review is an analysis and assessment of a books content, arguments, value, etc. It is not a book report. DO not devote your paper merely to summarizing the books Plot”. Instead, analyze what you have read.
As you read the book and construct your review, focus on the authors thesis, main point(s), and/or purpose(s); consider whether he makes an effective case to support his ideas. If he makes effective arguments, how does he do so? If he does not. why is he convincing? Explain.

In addition to analysis and explanation of the authors thesis, questions to be considered in your review might include: Why does the author think that his topic or interpretation is valuable? what does he hope to accomplish with his work? How successful is he? does he have sufficient and appropriate evidence to sustain his case? What kind of evidence does he use ( official documents, statistics, the work of other scholars, private letters, diaries, etc.)? Does the book have any especially strong and/pr weak aspects? If so, explain.
Does the author try to be fair in his analysis, depictions, and representation of his subject(s)? Does the author have any apparent biases? Does he seem to favor or oppose particular people, groups, social classes, political or ideological positions, etc? If so, do those biases undermine his credibility?

Is teh book useful, interesting, informative,provocative, enjoyable, or..? .. and so forth….

PS. i really do need this as soon as you can get it done .. ii need it in less than 12 hours…. If it is possible i will try to provide you with a complete summary of the book. Im not really sure how, but ill try and search the internet. THANK YOU.