Merican History Civil War Controversy

Need to complete a research paper about the following civil war controversy. The controversy needs to be presented and researched with conclusions based upon that research

Chamberlain vs. Oates and His Own Officers: On July 2 Confederate forces under Col. William C. Oates of the 15th Alabama Infantry assaulted Little Round Top where they met the 20th Maine Infantry under Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. In the ensuing action, the Rebels were defeated and driven from the hill. Chamberlain took the credit for leading a bayonet charge down the hill that broke the Confederate ranks, a feat for which he was awarded the Medal of Honor. Yet, some of his own officers later claimed either that they had led the charge, or that it had not been ordered but was rather a spontaneous act. Further, when it came time to locate monuments at Gettysburg, Chamberlain and Oates engaged in a brouhaha over how far up the hill the Rebels had actually penetrated. So & what really happened?