Merican History: Did the increase in suffrage make the Age of Jacksonmore democratic?

TO THE WRITER: This is an essay on Andrew Jackson…an early president in the United States. Please show an understanding of the historiography/arguments and construct own argument based on the analysis of source material. I WILL SEND YOU THE SOME OF THE MAIN SOURCE MATERIALS TO BE USED IN THE ESSAY.

INTRO: tell reader your answer to the question and set out a plan e.g general points, such as when? what? define terms, e.g what the Age of Jacksonmeans.

In each paragraph please set out the point, use and interpret the source material (what the authors views/arguments are and what you think/your opinions are about THEIR arguments and your own views on the subject being discussed in the paragraph) and show how it helps answer the question.

In theirst few paragraphs please talk about Andrew Jacksons Presidency and his implementation of Democracy”, (e.g his aims as president e.g democratizing the public e.g the introduction of public meetings etc.., his views, changes he made in america….and how this affected american democracy, etc………)

In the last few paragraphs, please spend a paragraph each on: women, slaves, free blacks and natives. In each paragraph on each group please talk about how they were treated by white men, whether they had Democracyand whether they could vote or not. (The Age of Jackson was only more democratic for white males). talk about how they suffered/their suffrage.

In each paragraph please include authors arguments and your opinion on what they say and then your opinion on the subject discussed in that paragraph.

Below are some general notes i took during my seminar on this topic. they are very Loose”, simple and general and in no order. i though id add this so maybe you could use some of these and expand on them, provided they fit in with the argument. some may not be relevant to the essay question:

jackson was seen as the man of the people…..especially as he came from humble beginings.

-he upheld that the national rights of every citizen are equal and indivisible.

-howver, the political invisability of both women and non-whites co-existed –a barrier to participate in politics

-when slavery was abloished in New York-only africans who possessed $250 of property could vote…therefore only a minority ended up/could vote.

-Democratic party (Jackson) didnt believe africans were American and should be Amongthe Americans

-Jackson introduced public meetings where every man could have their say and right to participate in the process of repesentation.

-Age of Jacksonwas democratic because every man could not vote (of all social staus. HOWEVER NOT WOMEN AND NON-WHITES…therefore age of jackson was only democratic for white males….it created suffering among women, slaves, free blacks and native indians). In the old system…the property qualificatins were that you could only vote provided you had property over $100…however in the Age of Jackson these qualifications disintegrated…therefore an astonishing rise in the number of voters.

-Plus Age of Jacksonwas also democratic as he inroduced public meetings where every man could have their say and the right to participate in the process of representation. It was politics in the street. Politics was part of their popular culturepeople would come to listen to a politian in public for hours, people even gave politicians nicknames and there were several public celebrations and parties.

-older politicans attitude to this Newage of presenting politics were quite negativethey were not used to public speaking in bars, etc… they were used to property qualifications etc..

-Jackson blended nationalism and Jeffersonian republicanism…however, Jackson actually exercised more presidential power than any president

-Jackson viewed native indians as inferior humanshe tried to expel them

-Age of Jacksonwas an approach to politicsdemocracy

-Jackson began presidency in 1829 (but elected in 1828) He sereved 2 terms.

-Age of Jacksonwas 1829-1841

-Martin Vanbourinnext president -both him and jackson come from Humble beginings”

-he was vice president of A. Jackson.

-Bucktailsfrom New YorkMartin vanbourin was part of this party.

-in the 1820s Federalist party was gone…therefore known as the Age of good feelingstherefore america was a one party nation (republican/democrats)

-Jackson was surrounded by men with the same views of politics, like Martin Vanbourin. Therefore, Age of Jacksonwasnt solely about him.

-1830s-1850s The 2nd Party PeriodDemocrats and the Whigs

-Democrats Jackson party
Whig Party for the will of the peoplethey were against a monarchy. They believed that they were the real democrats…not Jackson.

1857The Whigs are no more

-another party comes into place; The Republican Party”(as it is today)

PLEASE CAN YOU USE CAMBRIDGE CITATION …..the use of footnotes… i just selected Harvard because it didnt give me the choice of cambridge. The essay needs to be 2000 words long, no more….i just wrote 7 pages as a random guess.