This is my dissertation research proposal to be submitted. This assignment is thus for my dissertation. Therefore, the assignment is split into different parts. So please read the instructions carefully, and pick one of the topics below that meets my criteria,

The dissertation / thesis must be a research paper on a HIGHSCHOOL TEXTBOOK study ONLY with textbook analysis. You have a few choices to consider.

1) Find American history textbooks from a different region from your in. Select some topics of study to look at and compare. One topic you may want to look at is how a HIGHSCHOOL textbook from the north compares to a HIGHSCHOOL textbook from the south on African Americans from the 1960s / 1970s / 1980s / 1990S. Another Pick certain events, topics, people, to look at in the textbooks, and see how each textbook from the various areas of the country portrays those things. Why are they portrayed the same? Why are they portrayed differently? What biases of the author or area might exist? These are only some questions to think about. As you think about topics to look at on African Americans, propose your own questions as well that you will look into or want to research.

2) You may wish to compare an American highschool textbook to a foreign textbook. For example, you may want to compare views on the American Revolution from an American high school textbook to that of a British textbook used in schools. Some other topics you might want to compare are the French and Indian War, American Revolution, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, and the war of 1812 in regards to different perceptions in textbooks in the two countries. How are the events depicted? Are they different? Similar? Why are they different and or similar? Are the people mentioned in the texts different? Are descriptions of the events different? Also, add your own questions to research while looking at these events in British and American textbooks. You may also would like to do a comparison of Americans textbooks to German textbooks. How do these textbooks compare events / people/ history from the Treaty of Versailles after World War 1 to 1945. Another topic I am interested in is comparing the World War II events / key decisions that are in American high school textbooks and Japanese textbooks used in schools. I know finding textbooks from other countries may be hard. But Iall leave it to you and what you can find. If one of these two topics are not attainable by you, go with the African American study.

In short this dissertation must be a research project researching High School Textbooks, and formulating analysis and comparisons. It is a solely school-based textbook study only. Please follow the criteria below carefully for this part of the assignment.

STEP 1) What am I interested in finding out by completing this project? (1 Page)

Step 2) Which goals am I pursuing in designing the research? ( A? page)

Step 3) Why do I think this research is important / worth doing? (1 page)

Step 4) What is the big question / problem you want to solve in this assignment? (1 page)

Step 5) Whatas your research plan? What steps are you going to take to complete this paper? (1 Page)

Step 6) What is your current theory on the problem / question at hand? How do you think your theory on the problem might change after the research? (1 page)

Step 7) How will I design the study? Is it a qualitative approach? A quantitative approach? Or both? How will I use a?content analysis to analysis my research and data?
(1 A? pages)

Step 8) How have I chosen texts / books / textbooks / journals ect. to use? What was I looking for in picking these materials? (1 page)

Step 9) Find AT LEAST TEN resources that will help you begin your research. You should definitely find at least 5 SOCIAL STUDIES JOURNALS, where social studies researchers have done research on textbook studies, on this topic of study, and discuss how they went about doing their research. Some materials will have to be the actual textbooks you will be using to conduct your research / textbook study on. The other resources might be materials to help you with the research, provide you information on past experiments, or be additional textbooks for you to look at. Briefly discuss whatas in their workas, and how will their publications help you in this project.

Step10) Be sure to briefly summarize each text / reading / journal, and discuss briefly the content in those resources and the methods of research discussed. This should be done for ALL TEN RESOURCES. This should be about paragraph long for each text. In short, you are writing one paragraph discussing each resource you will be using. ( About 5 Pages or so)

Step 11) Out of all my reading and research, were there any one or two articles or books that really helped me clarify and design my work? Which? And why? (1/2 Page)

If you have any questions / problems, please let me know. I rather you ask questions now, instead of me having to ask you to revise and perhaps doing a lot of revision work. Later. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to working with you. AGAIN, THIS DISESATION MUST BE A TEXTBOOK ANALYSIS / COMPARISION. Not about a certain event. Itas about the depiction of various literature and textbooks in different areas, that all discuss the same topic. IT CAN NOT BE A COMPARISION ON OTHER PUBLICATIONS OF LITERATURE. TEXTBOOKS BIASES, COMPARISION, PORTARYALS, AND ANALYSIS BETWEEN TWO DIFFERENT AREAS OR TIME PERIODS IS THE KEY TO THIS PROJECT.