Merican History Whose Past Is It ! (Four Part Series)

My Masters thesis is a Four Part Series....I did Part One...this is Part Two...It needs to be done in Times New Roman, 12 font, .8 margins, double spaced, pages numbered on the bottom right, with footnotes on EACH page....Two references must include: Nash,Crabtree, Dunn History on Trialand relativie material from Diana Ravitch..You also need to use some respected Ed Journals...This Essay Two is to focus on JUST the National Standards Debate then and now with particular reference to the inclusion/exclusion of the National Standards debate has and is affecting the Af-Am student in particular. I will now give you the first 2 paragrapsh of my Essay One so that you can get a feel for the scope of the 4 part series.....................................

A review of the teaching of history in our public schools reveals that it has historically been a political act with far-reaching consequences; consequences which continually beg us to rethink the American past, and its presentation thereof. For our students, the study of the past is intended to present a sense of historical consciousness, a connection and continuity with those who built our country, the American story. But has it? Although there are a multitude of issues surrounding the text and teaching of American history this series addresses only one  the issue of inclusion; more specifically, the inclusion of the African American past in American history textbooks. As such, it will not incidentally deal with the completeness of historical record that is presented to school children.
Instead, it will explore how African Americans were represented; how their American experience is accounted for; and where we might have given them better representation within that American past. To accomplish this, we will examine four areas of thought: History texts before the Civil Rights Movement; the National Standards debate; History texts since the Civil Rights Movement; and finally, looking specifically at the 8th grade American History text a new approach to inclusion. In this first essay, we will look at textbooks in general  how they came to be used in American public education; what did they say; what do we know about them in the pre-Civil Rights period; what story do they tell, in effect what were the students being taught.
...........................................................Please EMAIL me with ANY questions that you may have and give me an overview of what you understand me as asking......thank you so, HelenK