Merican History Womens Rights Reform Movements from 1877 to 2013

The topic for the Controversial Issue Term Paper this session is Womenas Rights American Reform Movements Since 1877 to present.

Please read the CMS rules in A Pocket Guide to Writing in History
The Term Paper requires you, first, to critically analyze primary sources and, second, to research related secondary sources before typing the paper. It provides you with the opportunity to develop research and writing skills as well as to synthesize knowledge about a controversial issue. In order to earn the maximum points, you must submit a paper that accomplishes the following:
1. Controversial issue Womenas Rights American Reform Movements Since 1877 to Present
2. Uses the four of the eight attached pdf sources from Eric Foneras Voices of Freedom
3. Consults THREE ADDITIONALvalid secondary sources that help to develop a thesis.
a? Acceptable Sources:
1. Scholarly Journals
2. Reputable News Media (Time, Newsweek, New York Times)
3. Serious Popular Magazines (New Yorker, National Geographic)
4. Government Publications
5. Internet versions of these sources Scholarly Periodicals
6. Scholarly Books
7. Reputable Translations of Foreign Works
8. Student Theses
9. Research Forums or Hotlines on the Internet
10. Internet Periodicals by Reputable Organizations
Cliff Notes
4. Constructs a thesis statement based upon the primary and secondary sources.
5. Incorporates an introduction, body, and conclusion.
6. Organizes paragraphs with approximately eight sentences developing a single topic.
7. Avoids spelling errors, awkward language, improper grammar, flawed punctuation, and other compositional mistakes.
8. Includes at least seven pages of full typed text circumscribed by one inch margins, making each double spaced page approximately 250 words and 25-27 lines with a standard type 12 point font.
9. Uses the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) for documenting all quotations and paraphrases (CMS rules are explained A Pocket Guide to Writing in History). tools_citationguide.html
10. Adds a complete bibliography that properly lists the sources used for the paper, including footnotes

Must use the FOUR of the Attached PDF Sources (and use as Sources in the BIB and Footnotes) and two other sources (not wikepedia or enotes or cliffnotes) Please review all attachments