Merican Households in the 1700s and Today

American households went through a number of changes in the 1700s, from what they looked like to who was living in them. Rhys Isaac, Kathleen Brown, and Dell Upton have written about some of the significant changes happening in American households in the first half of the 1700s. How many of these changes do we still live with today?

Pick one room in any house that you are familiar with. Describe that room in detail: its appearance, furnishings, who uses it, what those users think about it, etc… Then, in essay form, compare modern ideas of the household to those of the eighteenth century and assess how closely our modern way of living matches the way of living being created in the 1700s.

Room of Choice: Apartments living room. Please see pictures attached. Photos may not be inserted into the paper -verbal descriptions only.