Merican Imperialism and American Democracy

So far this semester we have examined some of the more controversial aspects of modern American history from Reconstruction to the era of global industrial imperialism of the late nineteenth century. We started the semester with an in-depth overview of Reconstruction in the South and the impact of racism and lynching upon the freed black population. We also considered the question of genocide in our review of the history of war against Native peoples of the West in the midst of industrial expansion during the latter half of the 19th century.

Essay Topic:
What are the consequences of Imperialism? Write an essay discussing Steve Kinzers book, Overthrow, concerning the American overthrow of non-industrial countries in the nineteenth century. Write a typed essay, minimum 1000 words (you re welcome to write a longer essay), single spaced, title,  American Imperialism and American Democracy.

Based on your reading of Kinzer s book discuss ONE of the following questions for the midterm essay:
1)What are some the consequences of imperialism on a democratic society and its people?
2)Assuming that this is your first encounter with the history of American imperialism, what is it about the American media and education that profoundly neglects any informed discussion of our nation s past that involves policies of imperialism?
3)Can a democratic society framed and based on assumptions of a free citizenry with access to information function efficiently when the political state assumes decisions and policies that are directed toward imperialism?
Note: Write a 1000 word essay for one of the questions listed above. Type the question at the start of the essay.

Reading and Documentation: Steve Kinzer, Overthrow