Merican Imports Case Writeup to My Requirements

I require a 2 page CASE write-up of the American Imports case which can be downloaded from imports.PDF. I want this written using my framework described below as I know the case well.

This page is to have an introduction section which explains the main issues Steve and Jack are facing and an alternatives section which describes 3 alternatives.

Introduction Section: Describe the main issues Steve and Jack are facing in opening there store. Describe the problems that have occurred from bad decision making, ie the equity package with partners who didn t pay yet, the unsavory business practices of Abdul-Aziz Sabat. Losing major equity stakes and control for their own business. The mistake of auditing World Wide Imports after the Equity package revealing bad business practices. The rushed decision to setup a store in Georgetown at higher than expected costs. The exit from Silver Springs. The situation they are now in opening the store.

Alternatives Section: This describes three different alternative solutions;
Alternative 1: Decide this industry is not right for them and Exit the Business. Sell the inventory to a wholesaler-reseller at discount. Pull out of the Georgetown lease asap. Dissolve the business and file for bankruptcy from losses incurred. Explain that this is not viable as it would give them a bad credit rating which would have ramifications for future business activity.
Alternative 2: Close out Abdul-Aziz Sabat and Charles Robinson equity position, using a legal firm by exercising Clause 10. In Appendix (case page 47) which is in effect because they are in default for not paying their equity contribution. Thereby giving Jack and Steve control of the business. Steve and Jack get short term financing for the rest of the year. Stay at Georgetown store over the Christmas Period until end of December. Then depending on the sales result at that time and criteria follow one of the 4 sub-alternatives following the result. 1. Close Out and Exit the Business. 2. Stay at Georgetown store. 3. Move to Silver Springs 4. Stay at Georgetown and expand a 2nd store at Silver Springs.
Alternative 3: Change the business model and become a wholesale-retailer. This means closing the Georgetown store and just keeping inventory in warehouse store. This would require more financing to be able to order more volume of imported goods. The margin is less. This is not viable as Steve and Jack have no retail connections to resell, costly because it requires more upfront investment. They need immediate revenue stream for survival.

Solution: this is one page which explains in detail the recommendation that the decided solution is alternative 2 and the best choice.