Merican Indian and Western Europe on the history, culture and environmental crisis

Both J. Baird Callicott (in his paper Traditional American Indian and Western European Attitudes
Toward Nature: An Overview”) and Lynn White, Jr., (in his paper The Historical Roots of Our
Ecologic Crisis”) seem to argue that there is a causal story to tell between a cultures adoption of
a certain kind of Christian ethic and that cultures exploitation, misuse, and abuse of the natural
environment. Synthesize and evaluate these authors theses. Are they right? Partly right? Dead
wrong? Why or why not? (If you are writing on this topic, you may want to have a look at The
Cultural Basis for Our Environmental Crisisby Lewis W. Moncrief, Science, October 30, 1970, Vol.
170. no. 3957, pp. 508 { 512. (This article can be found on our Vista page in the Everything You
Always Wanted to Know About the Term Paper (But Were Afraid to Ask) folder.))