Merican Indian culture studies research paper

I. Introduction (simply just write a?Introductiona?)

a. Write any ideas that you have to grab the attention of the audience

b. Clearly write your thesis statement (this should be the only complete sentence)

II. Main Idea #1

a. What is the idea? Who? What? Where? When? Why?

b. Describe in detail

c. Possible references (i.e. Wilkins, American Indian Politics, 148)

III. Main Idea #2

a. Who? What? Where? When? Why?

b. Describe

c. References

IV. Main Idea #3 (one page)

a. Who? What? Where? When? Why?

b. Describe

c. References

V. Conclusion (write a?Conclusiona?)

a. Discuss any closing ideas or main points

b. Restate thesis

c. Sometimes writing the main ideas before any intro or conclusion helps a lot
Your bibliography is your list of references and sources that you will use to help you as you write your paper.

I. You are required to have a minimum of at least five (5) outside scholarly sources. These sources can be in the form of books, journal articles, government documents, and any primary or secondary sources that are published.

a. Major American Indian Studies Publications:

b. American Indian Culture and Research Journal

c. American Indian Quarterly

d. American Indian & Alaska Native Mental Health Research

e. American Indian Law Review

f. Journal of American Indian Education

g. Studies in American Indian Literature

h. Wicazo Sa Review

II. You may also use any statistical data like the U.S. Census. Please do not use any randomly search-generated websites. If you use access any documents from the library via web or obtain any online materials, please cite them as documents in print (do not write the URL). DO NOT RELY ON WIKIPEDIA. There are numerous other websites including the following:

i. Online Resources:

ii. Reznet News

v. / / endnote). I am asking for a correctly formatted bibliography of your minimum five sources. This should be no longer than one page.
For the final research paper, you are allowed to select any topic of your choice related to any of the topics weave discussed in this course. If you are unsure of your topic, please email the instructor to discuss any of your ideas. Please take the time to brainstorm your research topic.

Please use Chicago Citation Style. You may use endnotes (no footnotes please), but you do not have to. You are encouraged to use author-date citation and you are required to have a Bibliography. Please check the Blackboard for a Chicago Citation Style guide for a?Author-Datea? method. If you use endnotes, please refer to the Endnote guide.

I will not accept any late papers under any circumstances. You will be given your exam on this same date, so please complete your research paper before so you do not have to choose between completing your paper or the final exam.

Formatting guidelines for Final Paper

I. Title page a a title page is required

II. Page Headers a please use headers; your header should include: the date, your full name, and the title of your paper

III. Page margins a all margins are required to be set at one inch (top, bottom, left, right)

IV. Font a please use size 12-point font or smaller and any of the following: Times New Roman, Baskerville, Bell MT, Cochin, Goudy Old Style, or Perpetua.

V. If you cite any sources, please cite books in italics, a?articlesa? in quotes, a speakersa last name (i.e. Smith), and events with capital letters (i.e. Student Orientation, Annual Celebration).

VI. Please write 4 a 5 pages. This means one complete page and at least three-fourths (3/4) or more on the second page. You are allowed to write six pages, but no more.

You must have a Bibliography even if you use endnotes. Please refer to guides.

by the way ,u can see my outline and then u can consider them ,and u can change if u think it is not good
I. Introduction
The article describes the American Indian culture in the past and now, finally it declined. Why it is fail to mix with each other, and what can we learn from it. Two different culture need to mix together must take more care of it, only two culture stand on the same level can two culture mix with each other, if not decline is the final ending. American Indian culture must be protected that individuals can realize and learn more history.

II. Main Idea #1

a. Indian culture is importnat part in the american history, but with the time passing by, now indian culture is gradually disappear which attract the attentions of not noly americans, indians, but people all over the world.

b. With the time passing by, indian culture is in the endangered, now americans want to protect it that they do not want it disappear because it is the wealth of american history. Meanwhile, new indian young people is in the situation that they are trouble in the whether protect and develop the indian culture or adapt american culture and forget indian culture, they feel sick.

c. Possible references: Shi Jingbi, Assimilation and Coexistence.
News Delhi, National, Beijing April 23 2013

III. Main Idea #2

a. Indian culture was very bright in that time that may be has disappeared in the history. Indian culture is popular in architecture, reply, sculpture, poetry, music and so on.

b. A large number of ancient Indian ruins, carved in the cliff painting to show the glory of Indian culture. They leave many value references like language history, nation history and architecture history.

c. References :Culture of indian,28634-indian-culture.html

IV. Main Idea #3 (one page)

a. Finally, indian culture is gradually disappear, it is something manmade actions that cause the situation.

b. For the one hand European policy of genocide, war, epidemic, religious persecution led to the decline of Indian culture. For the other hand the Indian culture itself also have some disadvantages that its backward inheritance and its slowly development.

Bharat Gupt, India A Culture Decline or Revival,D. K. Printworld (P) Ltd

V. Conclusion (write a?Conclusiona?)

a. It is the unequal conflict of two cultures lead to the situation that indian culture is replaced by american culture, we feel sick about it, but it give us a warning that if we can not focus our attention on it, may be some days our culture will also disappear in the history and be replaced by other culture.

b. Culture must be protected, to prevent it from being replaced, in a word, culture is history, it is the representative of a nation, we can not image how the society will be without it, we are people, we need cultur