Merican influence (you can choose the topic please)

Consider the American Empire of the late nineteenth and early twentieth

centuries. Citing specific examples, discuss the expansion of American influence

across North America, Latin America, and Asia during this period. How have

various leaders justified Americaas domination of underdeveloped regions of the

world? What was the impact of Americaas Manifest Destiny? Please focus your

answer on the period 1862-1914.

Please dont include world war 1

please talk about american influence
ex building american empire
Who are the leaders and what impact fot North America, Latin America, and Asia during this period.

example civil war and reonstruction. kicked other states out of union. radical republicans and their goals. (Talk about 15 amendments
ending of war and crises. Assertion of dominance. Surrender of robert e lee

Details to include
latin americaex maybe mexico
us extended influence panama canal
cuba, puerto rico cuba columbia

Latin america
teddy rossevelt monroe doctrine
how corolary is going to be incluede
united food company

Asia -anything in the pacific
japan, teddy roosevelt won peace prize
us is expanding its territory

How do you build empire?
How doyou Justify details

civil war leadersgrant, sherman

Write the essay however you want I listed all the detais and instructions my teacher request thank you so much.