Merican International Group (AIG) Research Problem

Please follow the instructions exactly as provided. You will find a template that explains how to layout the paper, and it is provided to be adhered to.

Please use ten resources for this paper, tow of them MUST be peer reviewed.
The research content should be at least ten pages.

If you read PSU SBA, that means:

Portland State University
School of Business Administration

BA 301: Research and Analysis of Business Problems
Term: Fall 2010

Business Problem Analysis Research Paper a Description and Instructions

This term paper helps you gain skill in applying critical elements of the problem solving process. In addition, it enhances your understanding of real business problems and opportunities, and how you can benefit from using a systematic approach in solving them. While completing this project youall have the opportunity to choose a company that interests you, research that company in order to uncover and prioritize some of the strategic and tactical problems facing itsa managers, and use the PSU SBA process to develop some creative solutions to your chosen problem. Youall also enhance your long-term perspective and understanding of corporate sustainability by recognizing how economic issues interact with social and/or environmental issues in real business settings.

Although the final report is due at the end of the term, I would suggest that you not wait until the last minute to complete this assignment. As we review key elements of the problem-solving process throughout the term, youall probably want to immediately apply them to your project (you can see that Iam an optimistic guy). In this way, as you run into issues and concerns, you can discuss them with your group or with me. This is a research paper, and good research takes time. You will be required to provide a draft of your term paper to your group members at the end of the term for review. It always helps to let others review and critique your work. They can often see things that you canat, sometimes just because you are too close to the material. Early on in the term you will be required to provide a draft problem statement for your paper as part of a homework assignment. You will also have a chance to review this with your group. This is a crucial part of the project. If the problem is defined poorly or too generally, it will adversely affect the rest of your paper a and your grade!

Problem Selection:
I have purposely not selected the corporate problems for you, only a list of possible organizations for your research. Early in the course we will discuss Problem Definition as a key step in the problem-solving process. You canat solve a problem if you canat identify a problem. Too often in past terms students have defined a problem as a goal, or an objective, or an issue. A problem is either a gap between the real and the desired or a contradiction between principle and practice. Weall talk more about this in class. Youall need to do preliminary research on your chosen company in order to uncover some of the problems they face in todayas global business arena, and then pick one that you specifically wish to explore further in the context of the term paper.

Academic Honesty:
The project is an individual project, and it is critical that you do your own work. Some of you may choose the same company. Although I would encourage you to discuss the project both inside and outside the class, the final work you submit must be your own. Trust me, Iall know. And you will be penalized.

Final Report Structure:
The final term paper requires a specific structure and format. You might think that this is restrictive. In a real business environment, you will often be faced with situations where you need to produce a work product that adheres to specific requirements. Get used to it! Express your creative energy in the content and quality of your thought process, critical thinking, research strategy and solutions. Plus, a fixed format helps me to grade consistently. The final paper should describe the problem you have addressed, the solution you propose, and the outcomes the organization can expect in implementing your solution. It follows the PSU SBA problem-solving process discussed throughout the term. In other words, there is a section for each portion of the process, and you should use the tools from the class to solve the problem.

Write the paper as if I am the audience. I will read and grade the paper with these questions in mind:

1.) Is the problem you describe actually a problem, is it supported by data that you have collected, and is it important to the organization?
2.) Have you exhaustively generated a creative set of possible solutions?
3.) Will the solution you propose effectively address the problem, and have you chosen that solution using effective and proven decision-making techniques?
4.) Have you made a convincing, evidence-based argument for you choice?
5.) Will an allocation of corporate resources achieve the benefits you describe?

Your report should convince the decision-maker that the solution you recommend can improve the firmas multiple bottom line (weall discuss this in class if youare not familiar with the phrase) and is worth pursuing. Hereas an overview of the required structure. Youall also find a template on the course website. Please follow it.

Title Page (no folders please!)
Your name, date, course name, etc.

Table of contents:
A table of contents page should list your reports section headings and their page numbers. Please use the headings listed below. Add subheadings as appropriate, and include them in your table of contents.

Executive summary:
The report should begin with a 1-2 page executive summary that encapsulates all of the main points you wish to make in your report. It should include a clear statement of the problem and your recommended solution. And it should present clear and abbreviated arguments in support of your solution.
The summary is often used by decision makers as a basis for determining whether the project has merit and is worthy of further investment. At a minimum, it serves as an overview of your project that is used by the reader to determine whether or not to read the full report. I would suggest that you write the summary after you write the complete report.

This section provides a context for your problem and an overview of the subject company, including mission, vision, values and key stakeholders. As mentioned in the course text, this context will lay the groundwork for determining which problems are worthy of managerial attention. Provide details from the information uncovered in your research.

You canat solve problems if you havenat identified and defined them properly and completely. Based on your research into the chosen company, use this section to list a number of current problems faced by the company, and then choose one that you wish to address in the remainder of the paper. Make sure that there is a clear problem statement, and that you have not confused symptoms, goals and issues with the actual problem. Use some of the tools from the class, such as root cause analysis, to gain a thorough understanding and a solid description.

After gathering additional data in your research, this section should uncover more details about the problem, including more extensive causality analysis. Looking at possible causes can help uncover potential solutions. Using this information, provide a number of,(more than two) alternative solutions to the problem.
Based on acquired data, and using tools reviewed during the term, choose a solution from amongst those a?uncovereda? in the previous section of the paper. Convince me that your choice is the best choice.

Use this section to prepare a cost/benefit and feasibility analysis of your so