Merican Journalism: the impact of media elites and liberal bias on the role of a watchdog

1) Briefly talk about the traditional role of a watchdog (give examples on how journalism protected America)

2) Mention how now there is a large decline in the audiences trust towards the media (use statistics)

3) talk about the reasons for the decline in trust: mention media elites and liberal bias (talk about how private interests and political agenda drive journalism).

4) When mentioning media elites talk about large conglomerate businesses/large corporate companies and their influence and when talking about liberal bias cite Eric Alterman.

5) Mention the role of the politicians (use Bush as an example and the 9/11 case: talk about how media failed to depict the truth when Bush administration went into Iraq based on false accusations (ex. Weapons of mass distruciton in Iraq)).

6) Give other examples on when media failed to act as watchdog. Use other examples that show how journalism was used only as a tool to achieve personal gains (provide examples on political level).

7) State that truth is no longer the heart of journalism and it is now all about profits and private interests (provide further examples and conclude).

Please try to use authors such as Lance Bennet, Bill Kovach, Eric Alterman,

Also use parts of this in the essay:

Walter Lippmann famously wrote that journalism was an instrument of public purpose, and effort a?to bring to light the hidden facts, to set them into relation with each other, and make picture of reality on which men can acta? (Todd, 99). As Kovach and Rosentiel have mentioned in their book a?the primary purpose of journalism is to provide citizens with the information they need to be free and self-governinga? (Kovach & Rosenstiel, 12). The news media help us to define our communities, create common language, and identify common goal, heroes, and enemies. Most importantly it serves a watchdog, pushes people beyond complacencies, and offers a voice to the forgotten. However a?a¦these developments were the results of moves by the companies that own the news media, which figured out that they could make more money by gutting, warping, and then abandoning journalisma? (McChesney & Nichols, 106).