Merican Lit, Frost, Cummings, Fitzgerald

Please answer the following questions separately in one page each. The works that the questions refer to are the poems  Next to of Course God America I by E.E. Cummings,  The Death of the Hired Man by Robert Frost, and the short story Winter Dreamsby F. Scott Fitzgerald. They can all be found online. Please don t use outside sources. Please only use the stories (primary sources) and critical thought. Please site in MLA when needed. Thank you and if you have any questions please ask.

” What sort of person is the primary speaker in Cummings  next to of course god america i (i.e., who is the Heof He spoke”?) What kind of speech is Cummings implicitly criticizing, and in what way? on what basis?

” How does Frost portray Silas in  The Death of the Hired Man ? How does this portrayal emerge from the dialogue between Mary and Warren? Why might Frost have chosen this technique?

” Winter Dreams”
▫ What does Fitzgerald wish to convey to readers about Judy Jones in her first appearance in the story?
▫ Why does Dexter Green quit his caddy job?
▫ What implicit explanation of  winter dreams does the story offer? What are  winter dreams ?
▫ How does Fitzgerald s p.2133 description of Judy s house relate to the story s larger themes?
▫  The dream was gone. Something had been taken from him. What does the story suggest this  something is?