Merican Literature between 1865 and 1945 Comparison Paper

Please compare the voice of the speaker in the poem by Walt Whitman, Song of Myselfand the voice of the narrator in the short story, Daisy Millerby Henry James.

I will paste part of the instructions offered by the instructor:

From any work of fiction in Volume C or D, choose one character to compare with another character in a different work of fiction also from Volume C or D. Your purpose is to show similarity or differencea or both*a and explain why the comparison is noteworthy.
The comparison may examine the charactersa traits or emphasize the charactersa motivation or the change that takes place in each character during the narrative. Another possibility is to compare the ways in which the two characters are developed by the author or authors.

I have chosen to define Characterin this assignment to include the voice of the narrator to the speaker.

Please compare and contrast the voice of the narrators between Song of Myselfand Daisy Miller”.