Merican literature on a summary of a book and four critical articles that are related to book summary and opinions for each of the article

Students are expected to read their chosen selections in their entirety. Some of the selections in the textbook are excerpts, however. In such instances, the students are only responsible for reading the excerpts that are in the book and do not have to find and read the complete work.

The completed project consists of three major sections:

Section 1: Summary of the literary work

Section 2: Summaries of four critical articles/essays about the literary work

Section 3: Response to the literary criticism

Critical articles are articles that critique (or in other words, discuss), not summarize, the work. Students can find literary criticism in the following print sources: Introductions to books containing the literary selections, anthologies of critical essays, casebooks, and Norton critical editions of the literary selections. Also, the textbook contains extensive bibliographies at the end of the book and suggestions for further reading at the end of the introductory material for each author. Students can also access the collegeas online library databases, such as the Academic Search Premiere.

a? The summaries of the articles/essays are to be preceded by a full bibliographic entry in MLA format for each article/essay.
a? The three sections of the paper are to be typed continuously; that is, each section does not necessarily signal a new page.
a? A cover sheet is not needed. Instead a heading with your name, my name, the course name, and date are needed on the left of the first page.
a? Your last name and page number need to be in the header of every page, including the first page.
a? A descriptive title is not required.
a? The final project should be at 10 pages and should not exceed 10 pages. However, the project must be a full 10 pages. Otherwise, a?insufficient lengtha? points will be deducted from the final grade of the paper.
Be sure that the font size is not larger than 10-12. Please upload your project as a Word attachment in the assignment dropbox in the a?Research Projecta? folder on in Week 4as Folder.