Merican Mass Media: What factors account for the increasingly rapid adoption of media technologies in American homes?

I am a final year university student in England. Please make the work suitabke for this level.
Please include footnotes and all quotes and bibliography.

most cases, details of the source of a quotation from a primary or secondary work can be placed in a note. A footnote appears at the foot of the page on which the quotation is used, while endnotes for the whole essay are placed in a list at the end of the piece of work. Make sure that whichever you decide to use, you indicate clearly which note belongs to which quotation. For this purpose, it is better to use numbers rather than symbols for your notes, and to number them through the whole essay, rather than starting again from “1on each page. A quotation or borrowing within the essay should be followed by a superscripted (like this1) or parenthesised (1) number which indicates the number of the note which tells you where it comes from.

You may wish to include footnotes for quotations from books, articles in books or journals, or short works within a larger work or a collection (such as poems or short stories). The following information must be included in the first note referring to a text of each type (the information listed in square brackets may not be required for every text).

1. Author
2. Title, in full, either in italics or underlined
[3. Editor or translator, if there is one]
[4. Name of series in which book appears, if applicable, and number in this series]
5. Edition, e.g. 1st, 2nd reprint
[6. Number of volumes, if more than one]
7. Publisher, place of publication and date of publication, in parentheses
[8. Volume number from which the quotation is taken, if appropriate]
9. Number of the page from which the quotation is taken.
1 T.Author, The Book Title, ed. T. Editor, The Series No. 3, 4th Edition, Vols. I-IV, (Publisher: Place, 1991), Vol. II, p.48.

Articles in Books
1. Author of the article
2. title of the article, in normal type, enclosed in single quotation marks (like this)
3. The word in, followed by details of the book cited, presented as for the references to books
4. Numbers of the first and last pages of the article
5. Number of the page from which the quotation is taken, in round bracket
1 T.Author, The name of the Article, in The Book edited by T.Editor, (Publisher: Place 1989) pp. 10-34, (p.19)

Articles in Journals
1. Authors name
2. Title of Article, in normal type and enclosed in single quotation marks
3. Title of journal, in italics or underlined
4. Volume number of the relevant issue of the journal
5. Year of publication, in round brackets
6. First and last page numbers of the article cited
7. Page number from which the quotation is taken in round brackets
1 T.Author, The Title of the Article, Title of Journal, Vol. 34 (1983), 98-126, (p.103)